Manufactured exclusively by New Hampshire Plastics

2014 SGIA Product of the Year

2014 SGIA Product of the Year

A revolutionary print grade substrate developed and manufactured exclusively by NHP. Grades are individually formulated and engineered for offset, screen, flexo, and digital (roll and sheet). Commercially available in thicknesses from .010” and widths to 72”.

Product Attributes

  • Same press performance/processing as regular HIPS
  • Limitless customization (color, opacity, UVI, Dyne level)
  • Lightning fast supply chain

ēcological Advantage

  • Up to 30% less petroleum-based composition
  • Can fit up to 30% more on truck (more cube)
  • Same recycling stream as regular HIPS

ēconomic Advantage

  • Up to 15% less expensive than regular HIPS
  • Up to 30% lower cost on inbound and outbound freight

Standard Whites

  • NHP True White
  • NHP Cool White
  • NHP Warm White
  • NHP Translucent White
  • NHP Black Box
  • Custom Whites available

Custom Color

  • Save press time and ink while improving image quality. Partner with NHP to immediately match your background color need with ēco-HIPS™ custom colored sheet!